Brian Soucy
professional recording engineer

Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 818-508-1043
song clips engineered and mixed by Brian:
What Was (28.8/33.6 | 56), by Wenty Morris.
What Are You Now? (28.8/33.6 | 56), by Joel Pelletier (from CHAMBER POP CD).
Better Days (28.8/33.6 | 56), by The Twighlight Lords.

I'm an experienced freelance RECORDING ENGINEER interested in helping to make (your next) recording projects sound excellent!

My long association with Sunset Sound Recorders, including 5 years as staff engineer, has given me a strong technical and practical background and a chance to engineer for many talented people.

Recent projects

  • Los Otros with Producer Ceasar Rosas(Los Lobos), enhanced CD Chamber Pop from artist Joel Pelletier, funk-rock band Wenty Morris and Brindle Cream, and Irish influenced Twilight Lords.
  • recorded and mixed CDs for Christian artists John Brown, Wes Beavis, and Willie G
  • tracked album basics and overdubs for alterna-blues artists Mojo Monkeys, rock trio Duck, and alternative duo Thrush.
  • mixing rock, country, and AC for artists Karen Tobin, James Grey,Judy Rudin, and Jon Strider.
  • recording and mixing for songwriters John Keller, Tonio K, John Goodwin, Hugh James, Michael Caruso, Shannon McNally, and producers Richard Feldman and David Raven.

    DISCOGRAPHY available upon request (50+ album credits)


  • 1. Quality.
  • 2. I have access to lower rates at several great recording studios.
  • 3. For small budget projects I maintain my own 16 track digital studio equipped for live tracking and overdubing.
  • 4. Project coordination and production experience.

    Neve, Euphonix, API, Amek, Focusrite, Trident, SSL,& custom consoles. GML, Flying Faders, etc. computer automated mixing systems. Studer, Ampex, Sony, Otari, Mitsubishi, Alesis, etc. analog and digital multitrack recorders. SMPTE and video synchronization. Mac ,Cubase, Logic, and ProTools software. Microphone and cue systems. Numerous signal processors. Basic sequencer and midi systems. Sound reinforcement systems. Soldering gun.


  • '91- Present: free-lance recording engineer for album producers and artists, songwriter and artist demos, and commercial and private recording studios.
  • '86 -'91: staff recording engineer with Sunset Sound and Sound Factory.

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